OK-AIMH President's Message


Relationships, Regulation & Learning

Ed Long OKAIMH is the professional association in Oklahoma serving a diverse workforce dedicated to the study, practice, and support of infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH). At its core, IECMH is about three things: relationships, regulation, and learning.

We are a statewide network of experts and resources working at the international, national, state, and local levels and with a common vision to ensure all children have healthy early relationships, can effectively regulate emotions, and are active participants in their own learning.

Practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and industries collaborate with families to provide needed resources and tools. From medical and mental health staff to child care, education, health, and child welfare professionals, the IECMH workforce is critical to designing, implementing, and evaluating best practices for promotion, prevention, and treatment - all with child and family at the center.

As we continue to grow our industry-leading learning and development opportunities, including a premier, industry-recognized Endorsement® credential, OKAIMH also works with institutions of higher learning and other post-secondary education providers to ensure Oklahoma's IECMH workforce is strong and responsive to the needs of our children and families.

On behalf of our 204+ members across the state of Oklahoma, I invite you to connect with us to learn more and explore how we can work together. You can contact me directly at elong@metafund.org. Also, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Ed Long, President