»»» Important IMH-E® Renewal Information for 2020 «««

Endorsement: An Overview

The Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health identifies and promotes the development of a qualified workforce to support the emotional development of infants, toddlers and families.

The intent of the OK-AIMH Endorsement (IMH-E®) is to recognize and document the development of infant and family professionals within an organized system of culturally sensitive, relationship-based, infant mental health learning and work experiences. Endorsement by the Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health (OK-AIMH) will verify that an applicant has attained a level of education as specified, participated in specialized in-service trainings, worked with guidance from mentors or supervisors, and acquired knowledge to promote the delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive, relationship-focused services to infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers and families. The OK-AIMH Endorsement (IMH-E®) provides information of significant benefit to employers, referral sources related to the social and emotional development of infants and young children and their families. Of additional importance, the OK-AIMH Endorsement (IMH-E®) is useful in developing individual professional development plans.

Prerequisite Requirements

Membership in OK-AIMH or another IMH association

Training/Education as specified and related to infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers and families

Experience working with infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers and families.

Applying for Endorsement through EASy

Step 1: Go to https://easy.mi-aimh.org/okaimh

Step 2: Click "Register" ​

Step 3: Complete required fields about education, work, and reflective supervision/consultation history as relevant to the level at which you are applying ​

Step 4: Enter your OK-AIMH membership expiration date
(If you are unsure of your OK-AIMH membership status email us.) ​

Step 5: Choose the type of Endorsement you are applying for and click "submit" ​

Step 6: Pay your application fee on-line with Paypal.